Modern Financial Tools

We combine financial tools from various suppliers and make them available for our customers


We help to open cards of European banks

Cards of the German digital bank N26

Bank account and card of modern digital German bank

Why do you need N26 card?

  • Your funds are securely placed in a German bank and covered by European Union deposit guarantee.
  • Transactions with no commission.
  • Euro cash withdrawal with no commission.
  • Profitable currency exchange rate.
  • Possibility to order a premium card with traveler’s insurance and free cash withdrawals in any currency.

We take care of all necessary procedures to get the card: we provide European address, we carry out customer identification and deliver the card.

We help to top up the card from Russia.

Compulsory Motor Insurance

Insurance with a discount or even for free

10% discount when buying insurance through us

We are an official partner of several insurance companies and we share our commission with our customers.

That allows us to give 10% discount to everyone who buys insurance from us.

Free insurance if you open a deposit through our partner

If you open a deposit at Bravia Inversiones y Gestiones, S.L., in addition to insurance you also get 7% per annum on a deposited amount.

Policy cost


Deposit amount


Annum income


Crypto currencies

Buying and selling crypto currency

  • Exchange rate by Bitfinex - the leader of crypto currency market.
  • Only 1.5% commission.
  • Direct buying and selling by plastic cards and any common payment systems.
  • One click procedures.

Unique ability to get additional income on crypto currency deposits in European investment fund.


European fund deposits with interest rate 15% per annum

With our help you will be able to open deposits in the investment fund, registered in the territory of the European Union, Spain.

  • Deposits in different currencies.
  • Convenient top ups and withdrawals.
  • Modern online bank to manage your finance.
  • All deposits are insured by Lloyd's.
  • You can open the deposit in Russia and get you income on a German bank card.

Unique offer: crypto currency deposits