Free rent of real estate of any class in your city.

Even if you already rent an apartment you can make the rent free for you

  • Gratis apartment

    You do not have to spend a share of your funds for the apartment rent monthly. You can spend this money for yourself or save it up for something.

  • No need to communicate with the lessor

    We undertake the transfer of the full amount of your rent. You do not have to care about the payment terms and communication with the lessor.

  • We will pay for the first and the last month

    You do not pay for the first and the last month of your rent at conclusion of the contract with the lessor - Bravia Fund will do it for you

Open a deposit at Bravia Fund and we will take care of all issues related to payment of your apartment rent

Provide us with bank details of your lessor and we will transfer your monthly rental for you

  • You can either choose any real estate you like to rent or stay in accommodation you currently rent.

    step 1
  • Enter the rental price of the selected accommodation in the calculator below.

    step 2
  • Choose a preferred deposit option and amount in Bravia Fund.

    step 3
  • Open a deposit.

    step 4
  • Bravia Fund pays a monthly rental for your accommodation.

    step 5
 Official contract

You conclude a lease contract with the real estate owner or agency on standard terms. You replenish your deposit at Bravia Fund and receive monthly payments which we will transfer directly to your lessor. The deal with Bravia Fund is documented by the official contract.

Possibility of early withdrawal of your deposit

You can withdraw your deposit ahead of time without waiting for expiration of the contract. In this case, you will immediately receive the amount in full, after deduction of the interest used during the deposit period to pay for the rental.

How much should I deposit?

Payment amount:


Compensation amount:


Placing a deposit in the Bravia Fund you can receive partial or full compensation for the payment of rent of real estate

Payment amount

10 000 р/год

Of which the fund will pay

5 000 р (50%)

For this you need to place a deposit

Or for one year in total

10 000 р

Or two years in total

10 000 р

Also on your deposit interest income will be charged the same as in any other bank.

For the year you get a percentage

10 000 р

Simple filling process

  • 01

    You conclude a lease contract with any agency or real estate owner on standard terms.

  • 02

    You register at Bravia Fund and get access to your personal account.

  • 03

    Open a deposit at Bravia Fund for any preferred term.

  • 04

    Provide Bravia Fund with bank details of your lessor and the Fund will pay the monthly rental for you.

The filling process takes only a couple of minutes and this is a favorable and convenient way to rent the accommodation you want.