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    Save up to 100% on air tickets to all destinations.

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    The miles you've got do not expire - they are not lost but accumulate.

Bravia Miles

is a bonus program from Bravia Fund allowing the partners to save up to 100% on purchase of air tickets to all destinations.

What Miles are credited for

For deposit replenishment


2 mile

For deposit replenishment

For interest-taking



paid interest on deposit and current accounts

65 miles = 1 USD of ticket prices

You can exchange miles for air tickets of our partner companies
How many miles can you accumulate

Deposit amount:


For a year you will accumulate

18 461


16 666

for replenishing your deposit

1 750

for accrued income

How to accumulate and use Miles

Register in your Bravia Fund account. Conclude a contract and open your first deposit.

Get profit every month and save miles.

Exchange the accumulated miles for all destinations with our partner companies.